Enzyme Thermal Immunotherapy ( ETIT) 



It is a popular complementary and alternative medicine developed in Japan since more than a half century ago. Bathing in the fermented rice bran, human immunity and self-healing system are extraordinarily enhanced to recover and maintain the original health.


The wooden bathtub of enzyme bathing is filled with powder of defatted rice bran. The entire rice bran is fermented by the innumerable number of aerobic bacteria which continuously repeat mitotic growth. This fermentation generates heat which raises the temperature of the whole rice bran up to 65~69 degree centigrade.


Lying in the tub for 15 minutes, buried with the hot fermented rice bran, the body temperature rises, and at the same time, thousands of various enzymes produced by the bacteria get absorbed in the body through the skin.


65~69 degree centigrade hot water is too hot to bathe, but the same temperature rice bran, powder, contains air as cushion avoiding close contact with skin, such heat is felt much milder down around 43 degree centigrade, allowing 15 minutes bathing.


The heated rice bran generates far infrared ray, which penetrates deep into the body warming it up from the inside. At the same time, large amount of enzyme produced by trillions of live bacteria and the vitamins and minerals still remaining in the defatted rice bran are brought in through the entire skin, distributed to the whole body with blood, activate all the body cells.


When the body warms up, autonomic nerves expand blood vessels accelerating blood flow radiating excess heat, promoting sweating to avoid “overheat”. As the result, enhanced blood circulation abundantly deliver oxygen and nutrition to the cells and carries away undesirable matters generated through the process of metabolism which is to be discharged by sweating.


Consequently, metabolism accelerates while the toxic waste is discharged faster. Also, by raising body temperature to some degree, enzyme of human cells get more activated, and at the same time, tension of sympathetic nerve is relieved. This will help enhancing metabolism and immunity.


Our body enzyme tends to be largely exhausted by stresses, overwork, excessive eating/ drinking, and decomposition of harmful matters. Furthermore, lowered body temperature, shortage of minerals and aging deprive its production. This means that many people living modern urban city life chronically tend to fall shortage of enzyme, which often causes vicious circle bringing autonomic imbalance, coldness and immunodeficiency causing most of the  commonly prevailing serious chronical diseases today.


Using the rice bran enzyme bath in proper manner, immunity and the self-healing system can be recovered and maintained by normalizing activities of 60 trillion cells of our body breaking up the vicious circle. Not only with chronical diseases, but also various types of injury such as burn, bruise, fracture can be healed much faster. It is also quite effective for recovery from the damage of operation. Even people with good health may use the enzyme bath regularly to protect chronical disease and to recover from fatigue.



Function of Enzyme


Enzyme is a kind of protein forming a complicated unique shape with chains of amino acids holding mineral atoms of zinc, copper, iron. Thousands of kinds of enzyme are synthesized in cells according to the DNA data. All the creatures in this world, from single cell organisms to multicellular organisms, plants, animals, maintain their life with protein and energy generated by catalysis of enzyme. Enzyme also decomposes unnecessary poisonous matters down into excretable substances. Therefore, we may regard enzyme as the root of life support activities, or further we can say the origin of life.



Immunity and Chronic Disease


A series of recent researches has clarified the deep relation between immunity and chronic disease. Malfunction of immune system is supposed to be the major cause of the most chronic diseases. When the immune system itself gets weakened, it allows multiplication of thousands of cancer cells daily occurring in everybody, and it fails in fighting against viruses and harmful pathogenic bacteria. And, when its function gets unbalanced and does not work normally, it may cause various autoimmune diseases like diabetes, endocrine abnormalities, collagen disease, atopic dermatitis, various visceral diseases including Crohn’s disease. Immune system is under control of autonomic nerves. Therefore, malfunction of autonomic nerves caused by physical and/or psychological stresses generally leads to immunodeficiency.



Note:  Some people may doubt if enzyme could be absolved through skin. Then think about nicotine patches to stop smoking and morphine patches to stop pain. Also, it is well known that daily contact with hazardous chemical substances accumulates such substances under skin or in various internal organs as transdermal poison.